Hitting the road with some bikes & a Sprinter in pursuit of a life well ridden.


The Concept 

Some people enjoy security. They never feel the urge to leave their home, the city they were born in, the couch they sit on, or the 360 degrees that immediately surrounds them. Then there’s the rest of us — the people who can’t sit still, who want to witness new places, take risks and experience the thrill of truly living life to it’s fullest.

Researchers have traced this inherent urge to explore back to one gene, DRD4-7R, a derivative of the gene DRD4, which is associated with dopamine levels in the brain. This gene has been named the “adventure gene” because of its correlation to increased levels of curiosity and restlessness. Studies have found that 7R makes people more likely to take risks; to explore new places, ideas, relationships; and generally to embrace movement, change, and, most importantly, adventure.

There is no doubt I carry this gene, and that natural desire for movement and adventure has inspired me to want to build a Sprinter that not only functions as a means for adventure, but also a home on wheels in which I can leave material possessions behind in search of the unforgettable experiences and stories I am continuously documenting for META. As a creative professional, the van will be fully equipped with a mobile office so I can work and document my adventures from the road.  As a motorcycle rider, the van will feature a garage to haul a few bikes. And as the publisher of a highly acclaimed independent motorcycle magazine the stories encountered on the road will be shared with the world on the incredible platform we’ve built over the past six years.


We’ve built a global audience on one hell of a platform.

It’s much more than just a magazine.


Introducing META 

Back in early 2014 we made the announcement that a new motorcycle publication would be entering the marketplace. To me, it seemed that media in the industry was lacking. Not in quantity, but in depth—it lacked the authenticity, personality, substance, and grit that I saw emanating from boardsports with the kind of raw truth that is self-explanatory. The idea was to fill this void with something new. Something real. Something tangible. This unknown “something” needed to make an emotional connection and pull at the heartstrings to inspire and illuminate. We wanted to turn the spotlight away from race results and bike tests and cast its luminance upon the legends, icons, creators, and visionaries who feed our inspiration. A mission to tell the timeless stories that would ignite the minds of our readers. The goal was never to assemble a magazine, but rather to formulate an experience: the essence of pavement and dirt, air under your feet, dirty teeth and bloody elbows. To us, this special something had to be real. A tangible expression of the passion and pleasure that connects us.


The proof is in the numbers.

Our value lies in the eyeballs we reach, the minds we influence and the souls we inspire.


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About Me

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Ben Giese

I'm a Graphic Designer, Creative Director & Storyteller with a two wheel obsession. Combining my passion for motorcycles with an appreciation for design, over twenty years of riding has gifted me with a unique perspective as a creative. I view the creative process a lot like riding my bike - you don’t always know the destination, so what's important is to just enjoy the ride and see where it takes you. 

My life’s journey has lead me from competing as a professional motocross racer, to becoming one of the most sought after graphic designers in the motorcycle industry and eventually starting my own company – acting as Co-Founder, Creative Director & Editor-In-Chief of the highly acclaimed, independent motorcycle publication, META.

I’ve traveled the world documenting some incredible stories for META and I can’t wait for this next chapter of full-time adventure.


“I'm a Graphic Designer, Creative Director & Storyteller with a two-wheel obsession.”


Here’s what I can do for Mercedes-Benz.

Inspirational storytelling and beautiful content creation for a global audience.


Just a few Ideas To Think About

Ongoing Blog/Vlog Series

A web series produced by META and presented by Mercedes-Benz featuring video episodes and Journal posts documenting the ongoing adventures experienced in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Magazine Content Integration

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter build to make an appearance in several of META’s upcoming stories, photographs and films.

Ad Creation & Placement in META

Complimentary full spread ad for Mercedes-Benz with either artwork they provide or produced and designed by myself showcasing the final van build

Photo & Video Assets

As we acquire content that features the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter I will provide these photos, journal entries, and video assets to Mercedes-Benz with full rights of use to use for their own marketing as desired.

Mercedes Sprinter Reviews & PR

Mercedes-Benz van reviews, updates, and press releases posted online in the Bulletin at

Online Ad Placement

Complimentary Mercedes-Benz ad placement on the META website with artwork either provided by Mercedes-Benz or designed by myself.


I’ll need some support to make it happen.

The donation of (or discount on) a new (or lightly used) Sprinter cargo van.

MY19_MXCAEX_DR_HR_9147_PS copy.png

Sprinter Cargo Van

170” Extended 

After weeks of researching all the different van options out there, we have decided that the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170” extended cargo van is by far the best option for the build we are trying to create. Building out a living space, an office and hauling motorcycles will require as much space as possible and this model will give us the most length to make it functional. I am hopeful that Mercedes-Benz will see value in this project and be willing to support us on this journey in one way or another.


Thank you for your time!

I look forward to hearing back from you. Please find my contact info below.

Ben Giese

(951) 205-2594 |