Brand Identity
Creative Direction

Back in early 2014 we made the announcement that a new motorcycle publication would be entering the marketplace. To me, it seemed that media in the industry was lacking. Not in quantity, but in depth—it lacked the authenticity, personality, substance, and grit that I saw emanating from boardsports with the kind of raw truth that is self-explanatory. The idea was to fill this void with something new. Something real. Something tangible. This unknown “something” needed to make an emotional connection and pull at the heartstrings to inspire and illuminate. We wanted to turn the spotlight away from race results and bike tests and cast its luminance upon the legends, icons, creators, and visionaries who feed our inspiration. A mission to tell the timeless stories that would ignite the minds of our readers. The goal was never to assemble a magazine, but rather to formulate an experience: the essence of pavement and dirt, air under your feet, dirty teeth and bloody elbows. To us, this special something had to be real. A tangible expression of the passion and pleasure that connects us.



  • (in ancient Rome) a columns or posts placed at each end of a racetrack to mark the turning places

  • an abstract, high level of analysis or commentary

  • indicating change, alteration, or alternation

me·ta  [meh-tuh]





With a product that is meant to stand the test of time, I felt the branding needed to be clean and modern while remaining timeless.  Taking a minimalist approach I wanted to logo to have the flexibility to be used across a variety of different platforms in a style that wouldn't feel dated in the years to come.  META's clean black & white branding is intended to keep focus on the beautiful imagery and clean design that drives the product.




Primary Lockup


Secondary Lockup


Wordmark & Magazine Title



Icon Design

This simple and symmetrical design is an abstract “M” for META.  Based in Denver, Colorado outside of the influence of the motorcycle industry in Southern California, I wanted our icon to be a subtle tribute to the Rocky Mountains that we call home.  I think the icon can also be interpreted as the form of a bird, representing the feeling of freedom found on a motorcycle.


Primary Icon

Containment Shape



The "Franklin" Logomark

This illustration has become a brand staple.  I named him Franklin because it was inspired by Benjamin Franklin's 1794 political cartoon, "Join or Die". Serving as America's first ever political cartoon I thought its significance in print was appropriate as we were in the early stages of creating our very own print publication. And much like the original message of unity between the American colonies, I liked the idea of using META as a platform to unite and showcase all different genres of motorcycling as artistic and beautiful.

This logomark is used as a design element across a variety of different platforms ranging between print, digital and apparel.


Original Illustration

"Franklin" Logomark




Using a combination of clean yet contrasting fonts, the primary typography used throughout the META brand compliments the timeless nature of the product.  The combination of select typography helps maintain a youthful and energetic feeling while remaining a bold and mature aesthetic.












Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.01.28 AM.png

Mission Statement

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.01.28 AM.png


A Life Well Ridden


There are moments that can define your life.  Moments when everything you are and everything you may possibly become balance on the thread of a single experience.  You follow your intuition, make a decision, and eventually realize that for better or worse nothing will ever be the same.  For some of us, that defining moment can happen the first time we throw our leg over the seat of a motorcycle.  Awakened by the brief escape from life’s eternal pull – gravity that anchors our bodies, fear that anchors our minds.  It’s an experience that can change your life forever.

Several decades into this obsession and we’ve seen dozens of motorcycles filter through our lives, each one marking a different chapter in our story.  The endless days spent on two wheels, the countless hours of maintenance in the garage, even the injuries and suffering that have come along with it all hold valuable lessons of their own.  But the most profound lesson that riding a motorcycle has given us is to open up our minds to the true beauty, fragility and brevity of life.  With this, we’ve come to realize that only in those brief moments, riding the fringes between life and death, can you truly experience the difference between living, and feeling alive.

Riding motorcycles has not only given us an identity, they have provided us with purpose.  They have introduced us to a beautiful community of like-minded souls that share our same passion for living. They have taken us across the globe and back as we tirelessly work to preserve those moments that define us. We have risen from the shadows and cemented our place in the world.  Opened our hearts to live and think creatively as we work to inspire others to follow in our tracks.  None of this would have been possible without our bikes.

There are a million ways you could choose to spend your numbered days here on Earth, but believe us when we tell you that motorcycles can make your life an extraordinary one.  This issue is dedicated to all the hopelessly addicted dreamers out there serving the same life sentence we are.  To the bold individuals fearlessly chasing that thrill of feeling alive.


Here’s to a life well ridden.


quality YOU CAN FEEL

Released three times annually, each volume of META stands to deliver on the promise that we have poured our hearts and souls into producing an ornate publication that will delve into the core of motorcycling culture and lifestyle through unrivaled imagery, myriad adventures, evergreen content, polished design, and a stately quality that is being crafted as a centerpiece for bookshelves and coffee tables. Recognizing the fact that digital media is having a massive impact on traditional monthly newsstand titles, we felt the time could not be better to introduce a print collection which focused on timeless content and printed on heavy stock paper using the highest quality printing processes. Every detail to improve the tangible experience is accounted for down to the printing process, paper weight and soft-touch coating on the cover.  The result is a premium publication with quality you can see, smell, and feel.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.01.28 AM.png

The Printing Process

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.01.28 AM.png

Video by Voca Films

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.01.28 AM-2.png

Progressive Design & Layout

Throughout the design process for META I focus on clean, progressive layouts that compliment the beautiful photography.  Finding the right balance of white space to create an aesthetically pleasing and dynamic composition is key.  Good photography and strong typography are also equally important to me when creating a strong layout.  Unlike most publications, I do not use a specific template to design the entire issue, rather I craft each individual story and create layouts that compliment the theme. Below you can flip through a digital archive of META to see some of our back issues.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.01.28 AM-2.png




When designing META’s website I wanted to maintain the clean aesthetic of the brand while offering an intuitive layout. is much more than just a landing page to purchase the magazine. It's a content-driven hub for the motorcycle community to view our films, photos, behind-the-scenes, one off digital stories, news from our partners, and select features that can be found within the pages of META.




Laptop, Tablet & Phone







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Social Media

Much like every other aspect of the brand our social media content is carefully selected and meticulously  curated to represent the brand image.  Unlike most media outlets which repost a lot of existing content produced by other people, more than 90% of our social media content is created in house.





Apparel Design

Maintaining a cohesive style across the entire apparel line I wanted to design artwork that is fashionable and reflects the overall vibe of the brand. The process includes everything from designing the artwork to laying out tech packs for final production.  Below you can see just a few of the products I have produced for META.