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Designing moto gear is such a unique process.  It's one thing to design a mockup in illustrator, but it's an entirely different challenge to apply that design to three dimensions.  With a bit of trial and error I finally got a grasp on designing the technical layouts, translating a two-dimensional design to three dimensions, and lining up all the different crossovers on all the different panels and seams.  The most exciting part of these projects is watching some of the worlds top moto athletes in the spotlight, looking good wearing gear that you designed.


Robbie Maddison's Pipe Dream

In the summer of 2015, Robbie Maddison and DC Shoes set out to blur the lines of what's been done before and what's only been dreamt of, in an attempt to fulfill a 3-year long 'pipe dream'. Celebrated X Games medalist and multiple world record holding motocross athlete, Robbie "Maddo" Maddison, embarked on a journey to bring the juxtaposed beauty of nature and machine together to make his dream a reality. Often times up against seemingly insurmountable odds, maddo achieved the career-defining feat of riding his dirtbike on the powerful, breathtaking, and iconic waves of Tahiti. It's something you truly have to see to believe.  

DC approached me with the honor of designing Maddo’s gear for the film. 



I was tasked with creating something that would not only compliment his motorcycle livery, but also reference the design of his latest footwear and apparel collection.  Maddo was pushing for something vibrant and flashy, while both the creative director at DC and myself preferred a more toned down approach.  By utilizing the bright orange and blue color pallet of Maddo's DC apparel collection and toning it down with a simple color block design with plenty of black space we were able to find a nice balance that looked stylish and everyone was happy.


Maddo's Existing Footwear & Bike Livery


Final Design Rendering Front & Back


Technical Layout


Behind The dream

An exciting behind-the-scenes look into this amazing project produced by Robbie Maddison and the amazingly talented team at DC Shoes.


Photo Gallery

Photography by Garth Milan via DC Shoes


DC Moto Signature Gear

In 2013, during my time at DC Shoes I took a lead design role for the Moto division.  One of my favorite aspects of this position was working on the signature moto gear collection with a few of the pinnacle athletes in the sport including Jeremy McGrath, Robbie Maddison and Nate Adams.

These designs were carried over from each of their signature DC apparel collections. My key responsibilities for this gear were technical design, layouts and tech packs for final production.


Jeremy McGrath

Truly the most successful rider in AMA Supercross history, with a record 72 250cc Supercross wins and seven Supercross titles - a feat no other racer in Supercross history has even come close to.  Two additional 125 Western Region Supercross Championships, one 250 Outdoor National Championship and two FIM World Supercross Championships within the sport of Supercross that Jeremy McGrath helped catapult into the mainstream.


Video by Kyle Cowling from our photo shoot at Pala Raceway


Photography by Ryne Swanberg at Pala Raceway for Skullcandy



The world may have bid the legendary Evel Knievel adieu, but his spirit lives on in the likes of Robbie Maddison, freestyle motocross champ and daredevil extraordinaire. With Maddo, there’s no telling what’s next, something the Aussie has proven to us time and again with his incredible feats.


Robbie Maddison's "Drop In" produced by Skullcandy


Photography by RedBull & Skullcandy for Robbie Maddison's "Drop In" Film


Nate Adams

With 19 medals, Nate Adams is the most decorated Moto X athlete in X Games history including two Freestyle and three Speed & Style gold.


Photography via Steven Treboux, Chris Tedesco &


Answer Racing

I worked as a graphic designer for Answer Racing in 2011 & 2012.  One of my key roles during that period was gear design.  When I arrived at Answer and saw the busy designs that were being produced for the company my goal was to simplify the design approach and take it in a new direction.  In my opinion, nothing looks better out on the track than bold, clean graphics complimented by aesthetically pleasing color combinations.


2014 Alpha Racewear

As Answer's most technical, premium collection of racewear, I wanted to "Alpha" collection to look bold and professional to appeal to the serious motocross racer.  Built on a combination of premium fabrics with lightweight construction and ventilation panels throughout the design is an evolution from the 2013 Alpha line. While maintaining an asymmetrical design the graphics were further simplified to create a more refined aesthetic.


2014 Syncron Racewear

The Syncron collection is Answer's more affordable line of racewear.  Previously the brand would create pattern-based designs to achieve a lower production cost.  This set of gear was a turning point for this collection by using a professional-looking design at an affordable price tag.




2013 Alpha air Racewear

The 2013 Alpha and Alpha Air collection was my first ever gear design for Answer Racing and was tremendously well received.  Previously Answers gear was symmetrical, followed by very busy, pattern-based designs.  I wanted to reinvent the aesthetic to be bold and asymmetrical.

The Alpha Air line is Answer's fully-ventilated gear for warm weather riding.  Taking inspiration from surf boardshorts I wanted the design and colorways to feel bright and vibrant like summer, while using light colors to keep cool.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.01.28 AM copy2.png

META Syndicate Moto Jersey

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.01.28 AM copy2.png

Final Design Rendering Front & Back

Technical Layout

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.01.28 AM.png

Miscellaneous Packaging

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.01.28 AM.png


HENEP was founded on the belief that the hemp industry can truly help our world. Once I completed their branding we designed some packaging for their initial run of products. The crew wanted to maintain the clean style and sophisticated approach we took on the branding and the result is a collection of cohesive and well-branded products.




Simple packaging redesign for Cap Snap. I helped them to created a bright and clean packagethat will stand out on retail displays at hat stores across the globe. Part of the design process was helping develop and organize simple and clear messaging along with easy to understand illustrations demonstrating the different uses for the product.



War Machines DVD

Inspired by the name "War Machines" I took a graphic approach inspired by both vintage war propaganda and more contemporary propaganda artwork by renowned artist, Shepard Fairey.

I was responsible for designing everything from the DVD packaging to the marketing collateral, titles and motion graphics in the film.



Modular Design Theory

Simple and clean packaging design for Modular Design Theory iPhone protective case and charger.